YouTube with the Kids: Prepare for LOLing


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Goofing around on the Internet with my children has become a fun, family activity. Here are some of our (and millions of others’) favorite videos on YouTube.

These little videos are a big cultural and social phenomenon. The original Chahlie-Bit-Me-It-Really-Huht (that’s “Charlie” and “hurt” with British accents) video from the U.K. has nearly 390,000,000 million views. Haven’t heard of it?

Then it’s time to crawl out from under that rock and partake in the social phenomenon and the fun. And prepare for some LOLing. Here are the six we will show Nana when she visits for Thanksgiving (because I’m guessing she may be one of the few who has not yet partaken):

  • Charlie Bit Me

This internationally-famous little clip about two brothers with perfectly sweet British accents. My kids howl at the pain the baby inflicts on big brother (giving the baby power) and we doubly smile at the accents and imitate them all the time.

  • The Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger

Love the narration. And it’s a great learning nature video. Did you know that the Guinness Book of World Records refers to the Honey Badger as “the most fearless animal in the animal kingdom?” After watching this, when I am on a rant at home, it’s code name “Honey Badger.” We all need to have our Honey-Badger-Mama moments. Watch out!

  •  Sound of Music (flash mob dance in Belgium)

What is more positive than choreographed dancing in public? It’s a wonderful social phenomenon.

  • Baby Laughing Hysterically at Ripping Paper

I mean, who doesn’t love a baby laughing? Especially over paper ripping? Face it, babies’ laughter is contagious. I remember when my children were babies and this sweet, sweet chuckling will forever be embedded in my mind. Darling!

  •  Ultimate Tease

It’s the dog that talks and laments over his owner’s description of food, including bacon and cat treats.

  •  Charlie the Unicorn

Another famous Charlie. But this one is a cynical (and depressed) unicorn, not a biting baby. Bizarre and out there, this animation is light-hearted—with one unicorn who isn’t–and end up “getting it” in the end. (Pun intended.)

Let me know if you have other family favorites!

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Comments (3)

These were so great!! The only one I had previously seen was the baby laughing at paper.

Love the narriation on on the Honey Badger.

Have you seen this one “Disney Surprise gone wrong – we’re not going to Chattanooga?”
Watch the little boy’s expressions and body language.

I’ll have to check that one out! Thanks for the tip!

Take care,

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