Every Day is a Birds-and-the-Bees Day


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I remember thinking awhile back: Crap, that birds-and-the-bees talk is gonna be a tough one.

Well, for us–and most parents–it’s not just one talk. It shouldn’t be just one. It’s part of everyday conversations. It’s a part of LIFE.

  • We go to the zoo. Bam. The chimpanzees are humping. Right in front of us. And there’s the mandrill male with the red butt, that apparently is used to woo the ladies.
  • A robin’s egg dropped in our back yard last Spring. We left it untouched so that Mama bird would come back and get it. She never did.
  • My daughter’s hamster–seemingly so innocent and furry–had the most gigantic balls. You couldn’t help but look. Hamster : balls ratio = wow!

A friend of mine recently gave birth. On the way to school, we were planning our after-school visit to visit her and her newborn. Here is how the conversation went

6yo Son: “Mom, do babies come out of butts?”

Me: “No, honey, they come out of women’s vaginas.”

6yo Son: “Eeewww.”

This prompted a conversation about all kinds of mothers. Monkeys. Elephants. Dolphins. Dogs. Whales. Humans. And the miracle of birth. And kind of how it all works. At a basic level.

By the time we got to school, we had covered a lot of ground about birth and life and the miracles that babies are.

And as my kids were yelling, “Good-bye!” and  “I love you!”…they left the car knowing that they are miracles.

And that, my friend, is a good, positive, and loving message to leave your children with.


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