“Just Sayin'” is Just Stupid


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If ever there was a stupid saying, “Just sayin'” tops the list. Tops the hateful list, that’s for sure. It’s a word jab.

The Urban Dictionary defines just sayin’ as:

a term coined to be used at the end of something insulting or offensive to take the heat off when you say it

Take the heat off? I think it does the opposite. It adds heat. Fire. Fire stick. Stab. At the end. So you’re left hanging with, “wow, did she really just say that?”

It’s kinda like when people say:

  • “I don’t mean to be mean but…your ass is a double wide.” Uh, mean. But you knew something mean was coming.


  • “I don’t mean to be rude but…your breath smells like a swamp.” Uh, that’s pretty rude. Does your breath smell like a candy cane all the time?

But in both of those instances, the slap comes at the beginning, so you are prepared for the insult. You can brace yourself.

But “just sayin'” comes at the END. So you could be having a great conversation–or so you think–and then the just sayin’ is dropped at the end. Catching you off guard. Like a stink bomb.

Here are two very mean examples when just sayin’ was intended as a word jab:

  • One new mother says to the other: “Breast milk is more nutritious than formula…” Wait for it. Wait for it…  “…just sayin’.”
  • Or this one: My tween son was helping with a peanut butter drive for poor children in Mexico who are without food (see related post here). Why peanut butter? Because it is packed with protein, is portable, and isn’t perishable. So I encouraged my kids to donate their money and I would match what they contributed. A win-win for everyone involved. I posted this on Facebook:

“We rallied some PB for the poor children. My kids donated their own $ and I matched it. Small acts of kindness.” (along with this pic):

My goal in my post was really just to blab about my daily life, with a little bit of a hint for others to help #payitforward. And this is what someone posted:

  • “Hey, that’s great, but don’t poor kids deserve peanut butter that’s just made from peanuts? Skippy is full of sugar and hydrogenated oil. Just sayin’…”

Yikes! Snap! Fire stick!

So what exactly is the intent behind this comment? Was is to call out someone else’s inferiority? Was it simply a word jab to make the other feel bad?

I couldn’t help myself. Sometimes, you just don’t want to take the high road. And, well, I am pesky and had to respond:

“Yikes, XYZ, when you launch your all-natural PB drive for poor kids in Mexico, let me know. #let’snotbehateful #it’sallgood”

And I think that’s the last time I will utter the words Just Sayin’ because saying that is, well, Just Stupid.

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I think you are incredible – just sayin! 🙂 🙂

Oh, I’ll take that compliment any day. Just sayin’!

Thanks, Sweetie!

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