Meet Erin, My Friend from Alaska: When You Visit, Don’t Wear Mukluks


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I am becoming a global traveler—making connections with the locals—all through Twitter. Oh and if you are visiting Alaska from any other part of the United States, passports are not required, Silly. If you do visit, check out Erin’s blog at, the resource for all things family travel in Alaska, or follow her on Twitter @akonthego. She is a witty one, I tell ya.

Oh, and if you’re really traveling to Alaska (not virtually like me): the six months of snow has already begun. So pack a jumbo parka and some boots. But not the furry mukluks because those scream “tourist.” Erin says so.

So, here we go, continuing with Pesky Pippi’s highly popular interview series. I asked Erin to tell us a little bit about her favorite state.

Pippi: Is that a totem pole or are you happy to see me? 🙂

Erin: Totem poles tell an incredible history of southeast Alaska Native tribes. Sitka National Historical Park is excellent.

Pippi: Do all Alaskans wear mukluks?

Erin: Mukluks are big, clumsy, but they work in the Arctic. If you wore them here in Anchorage, people would talk. And stare. And laugh.

Pippi: (Note to self: must return mukluks. Pronto.)

Pippi: Do you own a Husky dog?

Erin: I used to own a Husky/Golden Retriever. Mushers race hybrid dogs now, hardly anyone uses Huskies. Sled dogs are scrawny running machines.

Pippi: Do you live in an igloo? 🙂

Erin: No igloos. Not even among the Eskimos. They have dug into the hills of their homeland and lived fine that way, thank you very much.

Pippi: (Disappointed.)

Pippi: Do moose walk through your neighborhood?

Erin: Moose are everywhere. They were outside last week eating my leftover Jack-O-Lanterns. They all prefer expensive shrubbery.

Pippi: Do all Alaskans work on the pipeline?

Erin: Tons of folks work for BP, ConocoPhillips, Alyeska pipeline. Dark, cold, isolated work; good pay though.

Pippi: Do you drink Alaskan Amber Ale? I do.

Erin: Alaskan Amber, Midnight Sun, Panty Peeler, Sockeye Red. Yep. Beer snobs, we are. Oh, and I make a mean crowberry cosmo.

Pippi: (Note to self: must Google “crowberry.”)

Pippi: Does everyone in Alaska go to the Iditarod?

Erin: Most Alaskans stay away from the Iditarod, at least, the start of it in Anchorage. Too crowded, too full of out-of-town volunteers. I go to the ReStart in Willow, all-business. Mushers are kick-ass ready for 1,100 miles of Alaska wilderness.

Pippi: Final question, for today at least. Can you really walk to Russia from Alaska? 🙂

Erin: Not unless you are Jesus or Sarah Palin. But sometimes the folks on Little Diomede Island can see Russia from their houses.

Pippi: Thanks so mush (I mean much) for participating, you, Snarky Alaska Girl, you.

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a humorous piece and great beer recommendations! It makes you want to travel to Alaska.

I want to visit too! Beers and moose and Native American, how can you go wrong?

Thanks for your comment!

Ahhh, armchair travel. Keep the ’round- the-world’ posts coming! 🙂

Thank you! Next stop…London, England!

Thanks for stopping by!

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