Meet Bernie, My Friend in Australia


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Blogging and Twitter are global, y’all. And I’m meeting so many wonderfully awesome people.

This kicks off my new series of posts, whereby I “interview” my new friends from around the globe. Here’s hoping y’all will enjoy our light chatter and learn a little something new about somewhere else.

Meet Bernie. She’s from Queensland, Australia. Follow her on Twitter at @TheBernieBrand and check out her very-cool blog:

Pippi: Do you have a koala for a pet?

Bernie: No way man!! Koalas are highly dangerous animals that kill thousands of people (mainly tourists) each year! They do like to eat eucalyptus leaves during the day, but at night, they turn carnivorous and will drop on people and attack…hence their true name, ‘Drop Bears’ – true story!

Pippi: Are there kangaroos hopping around your neighborhood?

Bernie: No silly!! But we did buy one for each of the kids last Christmas instead of buying them bikes. Now they just ride their kangaroos to school every morning!

[Here’s a photo of Miss 11 with her Kangaroo, Skippy!]

Pippi: What makes the Great Barrier Reef so great?

Bernie: Are you kidding me!? The G.B.R (let’s just abbreviate it, cause that’s how lazy I am) is one of the seven wonders of the natural world!! If you visit Australia, you totally have to go to Queensland (and I’m not just saying that cause I live there)! The G.B.R stretches over 3000 km or 1,800 miles almost parallel to the Queensland coast, from near the coastal town of Bundaberg, up past the tip of Cape York. If you do some diving, you’ll see amazing underwater attractions including the world’s largest collection of corals (in fact, more than 400 different kinds of coral), coral sponges, molluscs, rays, dolphins, over 1,500 species of tropical fish, around 20 types of reptiles including sea turtles and giant clams over 120 years old. The G.B.R has natural beauty, just like you Pippi 😉  You won’t be disappointed – I pinkie promise!

Pippi: Have you ever encountered a venomous snake?

Bernie: Look, they are quite common in Australia, especially if you live in country towns, but they still like to surprise us city folk from time to time. I found a small brown snake on my washing machine a couple of years ago. Was I cool, calm and collected?!  Umm NO!! FAR OUT! I screamed blue murder! Come to think of it, we never did find that little sucker again; he probably just found his way back into the backyard where the kids play, so it’s all good!

[This is one that my Brother-in-Law found while we were on holidays – cute ay!]

Pippi: Do you really throw shrimps on the barbie?

Yes, we’ve been known to, but we call them prawns here. We love our seafood in Australia – and who wouldn’t, with that huge Great Barrier Reef to fish from!

Pippi: Do you use the words “G’day” and “Crikey” and “Blimey” and “Mate” every day?

Bernie: Ooh, I haven’t heard “blimey” & “Crikey” for ages – those words are probably more used by old blokes. I guess we say “G-Day” and “Mate” a lot…well I do anyway. (btw, “blokes” = “men”)

Pippi: Every family I know was heartbroken when The Crocodile Hunter (Steve Irwin) died. How about in Australia?

Bernie: Man Alive! That was the worst news EVER!  I don’t think there was a dry eye to be found! He was a legend – so passionate! Now, HE was a guy who said “Crikey” a lot!!

Pippi: Anything you’d like to share about why we should visit Australia or what makes your area unique?

Bernie: Ooh maaate, (see?) I live in Brisbane, Queensland, and we have so much to offer!! Where do I start?! We have yummy food such as lamingtons, TimTams, Meat Pies and Vegemite!

Australia’s a great place for taking road trips – there’s so much area to cover and so much to see! On a road trip up to North Queensland last year, we saw this poor fella on the side of the road. I tell ya what Pippi, when the Queensland Main Road’s Department mark white lines on the open highway, they ain’t stopping for nothin’!


In all seriousness, there is so much about Ostrayleeyah that you’ll love! We have amazing wildlife, outback adventures, beautiful islands, rainforests and reefs. Australia’s unique beauty is spread across eight states and territories!

We also have amazing attractions like the Big Guitar, the Big Pineapple, the Big Banana, the Big Prawn…you get the point…

[Miss 7 at the Big Guitar]

Pippi: Thanks so much for participating, Mate!

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Comments (30)

OMG stop posting pics of snakes EEK! I have changed my mind about living there now 🙁 Such a heartbreak

Well, my new friend Bernie promises me that the snake visiting her washing machine was probably harmless. But that would scare the living crap out of me! I’ll take my towering pile of dirty laundry any day!

Thanks for your comments!

I love the picture of the Lamington and the Kangaroo, when we went to Sydney, we had to go to really far away place to see the Koala Bear and the Kangaroo!! Tho Lamingtons were everywhere =) We also went to this place called Philip Island to see the tiny penguins come back from the sea and saw them mate, that was very cool.

I would much rather have the laundry. I think if a snake popped up in my toilet or washing machine I would be moving out.

What a great post idea. I’ve never been to “Nothing” but the only thing that scares me that’s there is the Sydney Funnel Web Spider. TOTAL FREAK OUT!!…come to think of it, any spider for that matter.

What freaked me out most was the Vegemite. 🙂

Thanks for writing!

Yeah, I’m not a fan of doing laundry and I’m certainly not a fan of doing laundry, accompanied by a snake.

Laundry sucks enough as it is!

I want to visit!!!

Talk soon,

What? Are all American’s sooky-la-las?! Whats a spider or a snake in your house every now and then! Thanks Pippi, I loved doing this post – it reminded me again on all the important things in life…coconut covered sponge, vegemite on your toast and spending the summer at the beach (away from the Sting Rays)! Mwah! bx

I am so want to pet a kangaroo on the beach!

I’m going to ask for one for Christmas. Santa can swoop down to Bernie’s house and steal one.

They look so soft!

Sooky-la-las??!! We Americans prefer wuss, wimps, or cry babies.

And I bet you use the word whoopsadaisy too, ay, Mate?

Thanks for writing…AGAIN,
Wimpy Pippi

…yeah, soft, but they kick REAL hard!!

Kind of like me….

Ha ha ha,

Snakes are not so uncommon in Sydney either. Last weekend our friends mentioned a large python resting in his gutter. We also have Funnel Webs that love to ‘play’ dead. The Koalas love to pee on people and the roos? They are cute.
Well answered Bernie. Oh and by the way we don’t all sound like the Berns either 😉

Oh, my, you had me at large python and then at Funnel Web. For those of you who don’t yet know–Google Image that sucker. Yikes, enough with the python/spider talk. 🙂 I’ll take koala pee any day.

Whew, you Australians sure are rugged, Mate! Oh and y’all have a great sense of humor; at least the people I talk to on Twitter and my blog. Love it.

Impressive and still a little on the wimpy side,

Crikey! I don’t know what Bernie means by “old blokes”…. I use the words Crikey and Blimey all the time…. and don’t forget Fair Dinkum!

I had to Google Fair Dinkum. So it means genuine and real deal? Would it be right to say, I am the fair dinkum? Because I am not full of crap but am a crap talker. Talking about real things.

How about you?

Note to self: Must write post about these very awesome new idioms and slang words I am learning. Love my new Mates!

Thanks for commenting!

Well Bernie used to live across the road from me and we have seen about 6 snakes in our yard (none in the house yet). I used to think she was putting them in my yard, but we have actually had more since she moved.

Oh no! So I guess ya can’t blame that ol’ Bernie on your increased snake population, now can you?

Ah, that’s a sweet, beautiful thing: multiplying snakes.

Thanks for the comment!

Then I am a self proclaime sooky-la-la!!

You use “crikey” & “blimey” all the time Don?!? Far Out, you ARE an old fella then!! tee hee…

Hey!! Hi Suze!! Yes, you did seem to get a lot more snakes than what we ever did…wonder why?!?
Mwah ha ha ha haaaaa….

What do you mean “we don’t all sound like the Berns”?!? I’m a fair dinkum Aussie mate!!

Well you sound pretty fair dinkum Aussie to me. If only Twitter could talk.

I just love me some Aussie accent, Mate!

I’m thinking you may have dropped up some impregnated snakes to Suze’s place. What a lovely neighbor!

Here in America, we bring neighbors cookies or banana bread…or volunteer to water flowers when they are out of town,

I love the word crikey because it sounds like “crap” + “likee.”

I’m gonna incorporate into my vocabulary pronto!


Thanks for commenting!

I stick to wanting to visit Australia!

– Heatherellaa

Me too! Group trip?


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