Partake in the Internet with Your Kids: You Might Be Creating Fun Memories


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Don’t shun the Internet with your children. There is a lot of good and fun out there. Partake with them.

You might be surprised at how many funny things you will seek out. And, yeah, I am a fan of slightly inappropriate material–as long as it’s funny. (See related post on how families should let loose.) If it will spur giggles and conversations with my children, then I am there.

Raising children is pretty funny, isn’t it?

And often, these little moments can turn into fun memories. As in, “Remember that funny video we watched where the Granny is shaking her boobs?” Ah, yes, I know that one! And here it is:

You just might find yourself singing along…with your kids…in the car…at the top of your lungs. Go Granny go!


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