My Daughter Wears an Animal Tail


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I think some parents fuss too much about what their children choose to wear. So what if your nine-year-old daughter pins a long, pink tail on her skirt. And wants to wear it every day.

I am happy that my daughter wears what she wants. Her outfits are an extension of her personality and spirit: colorful, fun, fanciful, free, imaginative.

Sometimes, she selects t-shirts with horses; layered, ruffled skirts; leggings with stars or hearts; and rain boots. And sometimes, she picks Snoopy shirts; jeggings; striped socks; and Adidas. And always, as an added accessory, a wild hat or an animal tail pinned on her butt.

I help fuel her wardrobe. The joy of shopping with women!

I smile every time I see my daughter and I take in all of her new ensembles. She is sometimes Fancy Nancy. Sometimes Punky Brewster. Sometimes fairy. Sometimes zoo animal. Sometimes jock. But always she is uniquely herself.

I think I am a little jealous that I have chosen gray as my monotone color in clothing these days. No flounce in my skirts; no rainbow leggings; and definitely no tail. 🙁

It may sound cliche. But I’m always telling my daughter she is unique and special. And I tell her nearly every day that I love her JUST THE WAY SHE IS. Tail and all.

May my daughter always keep that sense of self-confidence and creativity with her, as she gets older. And may she never wear the word “JUICY” on her butt. I just might have something to say about that.



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You are the best mother in the world, Pippi!!!

Wow, that’s lovely to hear as I sit here enjoying my protein smoothie. Thank you so much!


Let’s hear it for the 9 year old girl who asserts herself through her creative outfits and shows her affinity with animals through wearing a tail! Very cute.

Hooray! We all need to be confident and not be afraid to show our colors and help our daughters do the same.

Thanks for your comment!

I hope she never loses her creativity! Btw, I LOVED Punky Brewter when I was a kid! Not many of my Aussie friends remember her..they must’ve only aired it a few times…

PB rocked! At least from 1984-1988!

After while Crocodile,

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