Listen to Your Kids About Fashion: They Know Stuff


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Sure. Disregard comments from naysayers. And don’t listen to friends-who-aren’t-really-your-friends. But don’t discount your kids’ advice when it comes to fashion for Mom. They just might know what they are talking about.

After all, don’t children just want their Moms be their best and look their best? A confident mother who is pretty inside-and-out?

I listen. Here is what I’ve been told lately:

  •  “Mom, you need to wear tighter jeans. Yours are too baggy.” Ah, the workouts just might be working. It’s important to show off your shape; not hide it. Time to go shopping.
  • “Mom, that lipstick is too brown.” Good point. My skin has blue undertones, meaning berry and pinky reds are better for my skin tone.
  • “Mom, don’t buy brown pants. They are ugly.” Indeed, khaki is great on safari, but not so great on me. Point well taken.
  •  “Mom, I like you better with shorter hair. Your long hair made you look crazy.” Hmmm. Sometimes you don’t know if a compliment is a compliment or if is a rip. But, I’ll go with it. And maybe my shorter hair makes me sassier? Peskier?
  • “Mom, that floral, peasant top is really ugly.” OK. Maybe I did think that prints help to camouflage, but maybe solids are indeed better for me. Plus, I am not a peasant.
  •  “Mom, that sweater looks a little dorky.” Hmm. Maybe I was sporting a tired, old Mr.-Rogers’-Neighborhood-cardigan. Off to Goodwill it went. Hello, J. Lo sweater! (She will always be J. Lo to me.)

Kids are smart. Give them credit. Make some changes. Change is good.

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Your kids’ tips are loving feedback and are quite funny too!

Don’t ya love kids honesty!!

Yeah and they are usually right.


Thanks! Good thing I listen to them or else I would leave the house looking like a dork!

Thanks for writing!

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