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This is not about “should I give my baby a bottle or switch to a sippy cup?” This is much stupider than that.

My two youngest kids are 9 and 6. I usually send them to school with a bag lunch that I scramble to make in the last two minutes before it’s time to “Get your butts moving or we are gonna be LATE!” Oh and please don’t tell me to simply make their lunches the night before so I am not stressing in the morning. I know this. Already. And people have told me this. Already. Man, do righteous people bug me. But that’s a whole other topic for later…

Anyway, I read that when children drink milk (or soy milk…I don’t discriminate) as opposed to juice, they get more protein and have more energy longer. Plus, it’s less sugar for their growing bodies. This is perfect because I think my kids study math in the afternoon. And given the weak math genes I have passed along, they need all the brain power they can get.

I purchased two very cute Crayola thermoses for the kids at the beginning of school. So cute, they looked like crayons. Filled them with milk and sent them on their way. Well, those thermoses suck. Poor little guy came home, got off the bus carrying a big Ziploc bag full of thermos + milk. The teacher sent home the dripping, warm milk too!

Well, don’t bother crying over spilled milk. Check out these bad boy aluminum water bottles that are supposed to insulate and not drip. Oh, and if you buy thermoses that are MADE for transporting non-water, they cost like $19.99 each. These suckers were two for $10.

This morning, my daughter comes down to breakfast. I give her first choice of colors: blue or green. Because the early bird gets the…first pick of color. She picks blue.

Five minutes later, sleepy youngest son comes down to breakfast. Sees the new, shiny, glowing bottles. He picks blue. Wrong.

“You get green, honey.” “But I want blue.”

I look to my daughter, “Can he have blue and you have green?” “OK,” she says, sounding pissed.

Then I go, “No, actually, I change my mind. You were down first and you picked blue, so you get blue and your brother gets green.” He pouts.

OK, this is getting ridiculous. Scrambling to make breakfast and lunches and arguing over colors. Why didn’t I get two of the same color bottles? Argh. Stupid me, stupid me.

This is how the conversation progressed.

“C’mon,” I say to my son. “Green is for Green Lantern, frogs, wreath cookies we make at Christmas, green poop.”

I have to say. The last point sealed the deal.

And I am hoping the lids of these flashy aluminum bottles seal the milk. Or I will be sending them juice boxes for lunch.

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