At Your Next Visit to the Doctor, Ditch the Big Panties (Knickers)


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The next time you visit the doctor’s office, ditch the big panties (knickers), eh sister?

We know that nurses love to weigh us first thing when we visit the doctor. I wonder: do they have a secret giggle when they see our reaction to the number on the scale?

Heck, I don’t care if I take an extra minute—while the nurse is WAITING—to take off my shoes before stepping onto the scale. I have very heavy shoes.

And I take off my sweater. And my belt. And my earrings. These items can weigh a few lbs. At least.  (How do you convert lbs. into metrics for my global readers? Don’t ask me. I am no math whiz). My earrings ALONE—especially my J-Lo silver hoops—can weigh several ounces (metric conversion please?)

And the large panties (knickers)? Note: Ya might want to switch the Granny Panties to something a little, uh, lighter. Maybe not a thong because those are kinda weird at your annual check-up. Right? But for sure, wear a pair of those teensy panties (knickers). They only weigh a few ounces.

I read a similar post from about “Those Five Dreaded Words:”

And I hate those metal, old-fashioned scales. You know, the kind with the metal blocks that move in 50 lbs. increments. And when the nurse moves them lower, you’re like, “YES!” and then when the nurse moves them higher, you’re like, “CRAP!”

But I’d rather have a metal, old-fashioned scale than a digital scale at my doctor’s visit. Because with the old-fashioned kind, there is a little room for interpretation. Digital scales don’t lie.

But secretly, you can lie to yourself that those little panties (knickers) you are wearing weigh about 15 lbs. 15 lbs. of pure sexiness! 🙂

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Haha! I HATE weighing myself infront of… well, anyone!

It is just plain wrong. Why can’t you just write the number on a piece of paper and fold it up and hand it the nurse. No questions asked.


YEAH…and round that number down to the nearest kilo!

Funny:) Thanks for the mention. Just yesterday I was at the dermatologist for a full body mole check and I sure did give thought to which panties I had on since they’d be exposed!

Thanks for stopping by! Yeah, I have some of those special-only-wear-to-the-doctor panties too. 🙂

Full body mole check? I’ve done that. That’s a lovely appointment too. Nothing like examining every single potential flaw and concern. Hope all went well.

Take care,

Yeah, in math, my daughter is studying rounding numbers up and down and estimating.

These math lessons are good life lessons!

Thanks for your comment, you Nice and Odd one, you.

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