Snakes in Toilets: Peek Before You Pee


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Three words for ya: snakes in toilets. Yet another reason why you should check the toilet before you sit (or squat). I have read articles over the years about just this. Snakes give me the willies. Especially snakes that travel through pipes and emerge to say hello…in your bathroom.

Just check out some headlines and articles I have come across:

Trouble for the Tidy Bowl Man

2.7m Sewer Snake Found in Toilet Bowl (2.7m is nearly 8 ft. long, y’all!)

Spotted: Pythons!

Fortunately, I live in an area with no poisonous snakes. And often, I have read that the snakes found in pipes and toilets are not poisonous, but rather, pets that have either escaped or that have been released on purpose. But still, I don’t want to ever encounter one.

Regardless, it’s become a habit of mine to peek in the toilet first. Quirky habit, maybe? I don’t care.

And if my kids ever ask to have a snake for a pet, I will say—one word: NO. How about a guinea pig instead?

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Comments (12)

Oh my. Totally creepy. I hate spiders…good thing those aren’t ususally the topic of strange toilet inhabitants.

Yikes, seriously?? i get chills just thinking of snakes, that’s too scary man!

No kidding. One of my new friends on Twitter spotted a snake sitting on top of her washing machine. She lives in Australia. No wonder I avoid the laundry room!

Thanks for commenting!

Seriously. Peek first. Unless it’s the port-a-potty. Ewwww.

Thanks for your comment!

I have read a few stories also about snakes found in toilets and washing machines. I sneak a peak as well…..I can’t help it.

The thought of a snake in the toilet when natures calls is a nightmare 🙂

I know. Right? Freaky.

Thanks for your comment!

Hey! I’m the new friend that found the snake on my washing maching!! EEKKKKkkkkk!!!! That’s what ya get when ya live ‘Down Under Mate’ 😉

I know. You are even more famous now. Will mention you again soon. How could I not? You are freakin’ hilarious. And you already have a nickname Nice and Odd, so it must mean we are tight, right?

@TheBernieBrand rocks y’all!

See ya on Twitter,

Okay I had to totally skip that whole thing really really fast cuz I cant even stand to see pictures of those creepy crawlers!

Snakes freak me out. Unless it’s one of those giant banana pythons that come and visit the children’s library. I will pet it. Somewhere in the middle. 🙂

Sorry to freak you out!

I cant even look at those!

Oh c’mon, I don’t think pythons are poisonous, are they? They just strangle you…

Hee hee. I know, right? Yikes!

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