Does This Make Me Look Fat? + 6 More Questions Women Should Not Even Ask


Posted by peskypippi | Posted in Beauty, Body Image/Dieting, Relationships | Posted on 06-11-2011

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Does this outfit/dress/blouse/sweater/pair of jeans/jacket make me look fat?

Chances are. Yes. We know when we look in the mirror if we are feeling confident with our looks and our choices in outfits. So why do we waste our time asking our husbands/boyfriends/partners if we look fat or not.

If your buttons are gaping; your sleeves dig into your arms; your muffin top runneth over; or you’re just not skinny enough for skinny jeans, then don’t even ask.

Do we really need men to validate our looks and reassure us (even with a fake), “Nah, Sweetie, you look GREAT.” Yeah, kinda.

Here are six more questions that should just be left unasked:

  1. Do I have more wrinkles than last year?
  2. Do you like my hair better short or long?
  3. Where do you want to go for dinner?
  4. Do you think the banana bread was dry?
  5. How do you like the new outfit I just bought?
  6. I bought a new lamp. Do you like it?

Why bring attention to inferior beauty problems? Why focus on the negatives? Why call attention to the extra money spent?

Instead, look in the mirror and smile at yourself. And answer your own questions:

  1. Put on the wrinkle cream in private.
  2. Wear that new hairstyle with sass—whether short or long.
  3. Pick a restaurant that serves beer on draught; he’ll be happy.
  4. If you think the banana bread is dry, smear a little butter on it and maybe some peach jam and serve it with a smile. And a glass of water.
  5. Wear the new outfit with confidence and save the “outfit talk” for your girlfriends.
  6. Give the old lamp to Goodwill. Without a word. He may not even notice.

Some of this “talky talk” is better saved for girlfriends. Or not. Sometimes you may not really want to know what they really think either.

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