18 Girlie Reasons Why I Love My iPhone


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I can’t believe I got my first real cell phone just three years ago: a Verizon LG Chocolate. Then came an iPhone 3G. This spring, I upgraded to the iPhone 3G. OK, my very first phone was a Tracfone. And it was a beauty.

In my line of work, it is imperative for me to be connected and productive with email. Here are 18 more reasons why I love my iPhone:

  1. 6 MP camera. I can take pictures and upload to Facebook right then and there. AND it has a flippy thing so you can easily take pictures of you with your buddy.
  2. Mirror. When flipped, the camera doubles as a mirror. Perfect for checking blueberries in teeth. See blog about just that.
  3. Facebook. I love me some Facebook anytime, all the time. Post pics on the go. Carry on conversations throughout the day.
  4. Notes. You can keep grocery lists, Christmas lists, weight loss tracking, and blog ideas. So when I’m driving along, I can open a “Note” and write “toilet paper” on the grocery list. (While pulling over to the side of the road. Of course.)
  5. Scrabble. I told you I was a little nerdy.
  6. ¬†Jewel Quest. Dang it, I can’t get past a certain level.
  7. Harbor Master. It’s a game where you unload ships and send them on their way. Don’t let the name and my lame description fool you; it’s fun!
  8. Twitter. I can Tweet while out and about. Though, dang it, why do they make it so hard to find the stupid # symbol on the touch screen? Oh and auto-correct. It bugs me and I’m gonna write about that in an upcoming post.
  9. The App Store. This is a dream place for buying any app. Most apps are cheaper than The Dollar Store, at $.99 each. But I did pony up $4.99 for Family Feud, which is fun to sit around and holler out answers to “Name the Top 18 Reasons Why Women Love Their iPhones” and other such questions.
  10. Amazon. Enough said.
  11. Ringtones for everyone. My boss’s ringtone is Boom Boom Pow by The Black Eyed Peas. And every time it rings, I smile. Until I remember it’s a work call, which usually means work.
  12. EBay. The other day, I bought a 36-pack of fart whistles. Just like that.
  13. Calculator. So handy!
  14. Calendar. Music to a planner’s ears.
  15. Fandango. I can check movies’ schedules and just pop in. Admission: I haven’t been to a movie in the theater since Horrible Bosses.
  16. Alarm. My wake-up song is “Dream On” by Aerosmith. I find that a little ironic, don’t you?
  17. Movies. I have Elf loaded for those situations when you-need-the-kids-to-shut-up-and-will-they-just-watch-a-movie-in-peace. So you hand over your phone to their little, greasy fingerprinted hands.
  18. Stud finder. As in, where the heck do I hang up this picture on the wall. Did you know there’s an app for that? Who knew.

I love my phone. I even paid to have Swarovski crystals put on the phone cover…

Psych. It’s just a sticker. $1 at Michaels. I call it: Bargain Bling.

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