Protein-Packed Smoothie for Moms on the Go


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Time for a recipe. Don’t hold your breath because I’m not much of a cook. I know how to make about five things really well: turkey chili, chicken-barley soup, grilled cheese sandwiches, tofu stir-fry, and chocolate chip cookies. Oh yeah, and gravy. Don’t expect a food blog out of me. I defer to my friend for that in her amazing foodie blog where she cooks with her children:

Three of my friends, just this week, said “I didn’t have time to eat breakfast.” No time? We mothers need to nourish our bodies with energy-fueling foods to help kick off our marathon days. Surely you can take just 2 minutes to make Pippi’s Peppy Pick-Me-Up Smoothie. (Trust me, they’re good enough.)

I make my power smoothie in the last, hurried minutes while the kids are grabbing backpacks and loading into the car for school. Multitasking, I buzz up the smoothie while yelling “Hurry! Time to go! Finish your milk! Brush your teeth! Shoes on! Jackets! Backpacks!”

Here’s what you need:

  • a blender
  • a cup or so of nonfat milk
  • a banana (you can do 1/2 banana if you’re counting calories)
  • big scoop or 2 Tbs. protein powder (preferably plain because I think vanilla is pretty gaggy and stay away from chocolate)
  • handful of frozen blueberries (frozen strawberries work too but they aren’t as tasty)

Seriously. It takes 2 minutes to make. This has about 28 grams of protein, antioxidants, and keeps you full until lunch. And it’s portable. Except, crap, in my haste, I have spilled one on the living room carpet, one on the floor of the car, and one on the garage floor. So that’s three. But maybe you’re not as clumsy as me.

Caution: check your teeth for sticky, pesky blueberry skins, making for an unsightly smile. 🙂



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I’ve also seen you make the most excellent Kraft Mac and Cheese!

Now I buy it at the grocery store deli pre-made. The kids love it.

Oh, youngest son says I made the best bacon and milk.

Gotta take the compliments whenever possible!

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