One word for ya, Demi Moore: EAT


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Oh, Demi Moore. I liked you with chubbier cheeks. You are now a skeleton and did you know that Halloween is over?

Here’s one word for ya: EAT.

The media targets women with headlines that scream “she’s too fat,” with Kirstie Alley and Jessica Simpson getting the majority of these grocery store-line headlines. Kirstie has been the butt of a lot of jokes; as in check-out-her-big-butt. And while I secretly utter a mean little “ha ha,” I actually feel bad for these women. They are getting singled out for their size. Yo-yo dieting sucks. Thickening around the middle sucks. And to have your cellulite photographed in the most unflattering way? Or to have yourself photographed shoveling down Costco cake? I imagine that that also sucks. (More on Costco cake soon. I have an addiction.)

But the media also hits with the “wasting away: too skinny” headlines. I even saw one about “pin-thin Kate Middleton.” Pin-thin? I have never been described as a pin, nor would ever want to. These too-skinny Hollywood actresses have made this list in recent months: Katie Holmes, Kate Bosworth, LeAnn Rimes, Kate Middleton (OK, not from Hollywood, but she steals headlines), Nicole Richie.

Seems to me–or it is my experience anyway–that men do not want non-eating skeletons as girlfriends or wives. That most men prefer a partner who can partake in a heaping pile of nachos and throw back some beers. Instead of “no thanks, I’m on the cotton ball diet.” Have you heard of that one? Scary. See here for crazy-ass fad diets. But please don’t try them at home.

In Hollywood, as a woman, you’re screwed if you’re too fat. Or if you’re too skinny.

Women and mothers: Don’t wither away. Nourish yourselves. Eat.

My kids–who have a pretty good sense of healthy eating and exercise, but who also have been exposed to ideal body image in our American culture–say that I’m just right. And that’s OK for me.

Nachos and beer anyone?

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Comments (2)

Yes Demi, for the love of hamburgers, please EAT!!!

(Hey Pippi, have you got any cotton-ball recipes you can pass on?!)

Well, so glad you ask. I do have a Caramel Popcorn Balls recipe I can share. These are freaking delicious.

Don’t be fooled that it’s like the first recipe that comes up on Google. They are divine and worth blowing any diet for. Hey, popcorn has fiber.


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