Lindsay Lohan and Her Teeth


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I realize I’m a little late to the my-what-yellow-teeth-you-have-Miss-Lindsay party. That was soooo two weeks ago. For image-conscious starlets, yellow teeth simply are not an acceptable accessory. When I read the headline:

“Lindsay Lohan debuts newly-whitened teeth”

I thought, hmmm, white teeth on a Hollywood actress shouldn’t be making news. That’s the ol’ dog-bites-man headline = not news.

Check out the article; it’s for real.

In order for white-teeth-on-a-starlet to make news headlines, those chompers must have been way bad. So I did some sleuthing and Googled some stuff to see how bad Lindsay’s teeth looked. Yikes! Sweet Lindsay from The Parent Trap and Herbie Fully Loaded shouldn’t have yellow teeth. Check out this funny man-bites-dog headline and article about just that:

“Lindsay Lohan flashes smoke-stained yellow teeth on Hollywood red carpet”

People get their teeth whitened every day. People have dental work done all the time. Glad that my trips to the dentist don’t make news headlines. Otherwise, you might read this:

“Cavity Suspected, Yet Dentist Appointment Reveals A Simple Case of Over Brushing”

Yep, turns out I was just brushing too hard. Hey, you can’t blame me for making my chompers white.


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