Need a Scrunchy For That Chin Hair?


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When I have a spare few minutes here and there, I find myself making a dash to my magnifying mirror and my trusty pair of tweezers. My brand of choice is Tweezerman. (“The choice of make-up artists, models, and celebrities.”) It seems every other day, baby eyebrow hairs stand at attention–out of place. They stare at me and say, “pluck me” if you dare. Oh I dare.

I try to keep my brows well-groomed. It’s one of my many quirks. But not too arched or too thin. My Mom always cautioned, “Don’t over pluck or they may never grow back!”

Oh and then there’s the hairs–you know, whiskers–growing out of the chin. Hello?? Sprouting chin whiskers? And they are coarse. And they shine in the sun. They don’t really go with the image I’m going for. Know what I mean?

Reminds me of this kooky, old woman I used to see at storytime at the library. She had a chin hair so long that it needed a scrunchy.

May you never need a scrunchy for the hair on your chinny chin chin.


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