Falling Apples Pose Dangers to Napping Dogs


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Did you know that falling apples pose dangers to napping dogs?

So, here’s how. We have a dog named Lucy. She likes to sleep on her big, fluffy Costco dog bed right off the kitchen, next to the counter. Our family is usually in the kitchen, so this is a great place for Lucy to be part of the family. She is right in the middle of the action. Yet, the location of her dog bed might be too close to the action. Let me explain.

We keep a big bowl of fruit on the kitchen counter. It’s always filled with apples. Every time we walk over to eat an apple-a-day, Lucy tenses up, looking worried.

She is anticipating the apple that just might fall on her head. This has happened. A few times.

Do you see the fear in her sweet little face? Don’t worry, no animals were harmed in this photo shoot (Lucy hates having her picture taken).

I think it’s time to move the bowl of fruit. Especially because it’s apple season.

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Comments (5)

Haha…poor Lucy!

I know. Right? It’s a good thing we don’t store pomegranates there, because those could knock her out silly.

Note to self: Move the fruit bowl ASAP.

Just love chatting with you!

I love this photo! I think Lucy might need a helmet! 🙂

PrincessSparkle, I think you may onto something by marketing helmets for dogs. But I JUST moved the fruit bowl to another location. Because pomegranates are heavy and could cause a concussion! And I was feeling guilty.

Take care!

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