Cooking + Facebook = Burnt Grilled Cheese Sandwiches


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I admit, I am not the greatest of cooks. But I make a mean grilled cheese sandwich. This is a staple at our house at dinnertime. They are quick and easy to make and sooo yummy. Throw some turkey slices on them and–pow–you’ve got a protein-packed, golden brown sandwich. If all goes well. However…

I also admit that I am also a fan of Facebook and Twitter. But these addictions don’t go so well with cooking grilled cheese sandwiches. I get caught up in commenting on other peoples’ posts, posting pictures of my beautiful sandwiches, and yapping on about what a great cook I am. Then what happens? Burnt grilled cheese.

It happens.

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Honestly, I think slightly burnt tastes better when you dip it in tomato soup! 🙂

My daughter loves grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato soup. One of her comfort foods when she is sick.

It’s getting cold. Seems like soup weather, eh?

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