Kim Kardashian and What’s-His-Name: Wasting Money, Not Time


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Kim Kardashian: say it isn’t so! Not the divorce. We knew that was coming. But the spending. I am horrified at the frivolous spending. A few numbers to ponder:

  1. Kim and what’s-his-name’s wedding cost $10 million;
  2. Kim’s engagement ring cost $2 million;
  3. Kim and what’s his-name’s wedding cake cost $20,000.

My jaw continues to drop, especially when this money could help spread goodwill and kindness around the globe. Consider this:

  1. The $10 million “wedding” could build every family in Haiti a new home;
  2. The $2 million ring could fund more than 66,000 flu vaccinations across the United States;
  3. The $20,000 cake could fund ecology sustainability projects in South Africa.

Kim, perhaps you should trade in your $1,000 Louboutin heels. And try walking in someone else’s shoes for once.



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