4 No-Nos in School: No Costumes, No Parade, No Cupcakes, No Halloween


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With our political correctness, we have obliterated Halloween in our elementary schools. And that’s a shame. When I was a kid (OK, that was decades ago, don’t rub it in), we joyfully donned costumes and marched around at recess in the school’s Halloween parade. It was a spectacle and a celebration. And it was great fun. Your mask would get all sweaty inside. Someone would step on your cape. And maybe you accidentally peed through your costume.

What child can concentrate in school on Halloween anyway? With visions of Snickers and Twizzlers and Tootsie Roll pops dancing in their heads?

We can’t even utter the word Halloween in schools. Let alone have a party. It’s “pumpkin party” or “harvest party.” I say, boo. Hello? It’s like not acknowledging the elephant in the room. It’s Halloween, for goodness sake. SAY it. (Is this the holiday that will not be named? Ala Voldemort?)

So, no costumes or parades. And certainly no parties with cupcakes with spiders on them or punch with floating gummy worms. No sugar.

And if it’s no sugar and absolutely no peanuts (these days), then that means no Snickers. And in my book, that gets a failing grade.

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And don’t forget… no homemade treats! It’s similar to Winter break instead of Christmas break and no throwing snow balls when it only snows twice a year, yikes! Good point Pippi!!

Yeah, I used to make homemade cupcakes. I don’t do that anymore. Don’t even get me started about Christmas…

No cupcakes, no sugar? What are they allowed to have as a fun holiday “snack?”

You know, those fun vegetable snacks they call carrots. Seriously, my youngest son had a green party where you had to bring only green vegetables. It was a real hoot!

Thanks for your comment,

Wow, I guess I should be grateful, we still have Halloween! Some rules and regs to abide by but still. However, I was corrected at Boy Scouts recently for saying we were going to sing Christmas carols in December (I mean, Rudolph, Santa, etc, nothing Jesus-related, though being nominally Christian that wouldn’t bother me at all — my fave is Oh Holy Night, which talks about abolishing oppression and slavery). “Winter songs,” the female den leader said to me. I repeated “Xmas carols” and she coolly repeated “you mean, winter songs” until I realized she was politically correcting me. Funny thing is, later when I spoke Spanish to my sons she suddenly became quite friendly so maybe she decided I was part of an oppressed minority rather than the moral majority.

I’m a big fan of Christmas carols–and Oh Holy Night is one of my all time favorites too! But I refuse to call them “winter songs.” Every December in school, my kids learn about Kwanzaa, Diwali, and Hanukkah, but no “Christmas.” Seems to me that all holidays should be represented, as part of the global celebrations curriculum. And I think George from Seinfeld would say to not forget Festivus. 🙂

Thanks for your comment!

Green Parties at school? how is that any kind of fun?
Happy Festivas!

The teacher said the kids had SO MUCH fun. But I have my doubts. I don’t plan to host a green birthday party anytime soon!

I see you are a fan of George and Seinfeld. Rock on!

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