Yep, You Can Do a Pumpkin Patch in an Hour


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So, we’re all busy and short on time. But my family loves our annual, seasonal family tradition of visiting a pumpkin patch. To me, it’s important to keep our family traditions intact. No matter how busy we are. Priorities, you know? Some families may plan a full-day pumpkin hunt adventure. Not us. We live close to a darling, little farm that has stayed alive in the middle of sburbia for generations. We have been going there for years. It’s the perfect place for pumpkins, pictures, a tractor ride, hay bales for jumping off of, just-picked apples, apple cider, and a maze (a pretty lame maze). But one of the beauties is that you can do it all in about an hour. The kids love it. And Moms get picture-perfect smiles with a perfectly orange backdrop. These photos are a Fall highlight for the Nanas.

Hey, we are all busy families. But traditions and partaking in fun seasonal activities are important. Who says you can’t go to the kids’ soccer games in the morning , squeeze in a quick but enjoyable pumpkin adventure, and get on with your day?


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Wow, the kids are growing up so fast. They are so handsome and beautiful.

Thanks! I miss you!

We all love your pumpkin patch photos!

Thanks! Pumpkins are so photogenic.

Except on that day, I had a killer sinus infection but played it off…all in the name of “keeping up with traditions.” 🙂

Take care,

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