Poop Talk at the Dinner Table


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Yeah. We talk about poop at our house. All the time. It’s funny. Everybody does it. Poop happens. One of our favorite books: Everyone Poops. That book is the best. You can see animals actually pooping. You can see poop in babies’ diapers. You learn that poop is all different sizes and shapes, even different smells. Love it!

Poop shouldn’t be a taboo subject at home. It should be a topic…at DINNER. Yep, we disgusted my sister-in-law once at dinner because we were talking about poop. She doesn’t have kids. Still doesn’t. Did we scare her off?

Maybe the family that talks about poop openly is more regular. I know one thing: just saying the word out loud makes me crack a smile. (Did I just say “crack?”)

One of my all-time favorite movie lines is in Harry Potter when Hagrid says, “Better out than in.”

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Super funny – as always!!

You should come over for dinner sometime and bring your potty mouth. Thanks for writing, Pippi 🙂

I am so glad you read my posts and I hope you continue to do so. There’s a lot I have to say–some odd, some funny, some profound (we’ll see about that), and some just plain real.

Thanks for your comment!

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