Flying Away


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I have always heard that parenting is tough. Especially the letting go part.

Framed in a positive way, it’s about loving, encouraging, and supporting your children to grow and become young adults. You want them to learn, find happiness, be independent, and move forward. Try new things! Be your own person! Learn responsibilities! Do what you love! Become independent!

Leave the nest! (Yeah, no. I am not ready.)

The day I spotted these geese flying was the same day I dropped off my fifteen-year-old son in the school parking lot, as he headed off on a three-day wrestling tournament far away. As I watched him board the bus with his teammates–his bags and gear packed–he was happy, excited, eager.

Hug. I love you. I’m proud of you.

My son was doing what he should be doing. Growing, being challenged, taking chances, becoming independent, and moving forward.

But what was I doing? I was staring at the lake, with tears in my eyes. Watching the geese fly away.

Parenting symbolism.

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Love and Grilled Cheese


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All you need is love. And grilled cheese.

To me, nothing is more comforting when you’re sick than a grilled cheese sandwich. Especially one that’s made with love. And butter. Golden, crusted bread with melted cheese overflowing. When you make one for the patient, you kinda have to make one for yourself.

Our family has been sick a lot this winter. Which means, there has been a whole lot of nurturing going on. And a whole lot of bread, cheese, and butter.

When my youngest son and I visited my aunt and uncle, my uncle asked if we wanted grilled cheese for lunch. Yes! And I could tell it was made with so much love (and American cheese) because it was quite possibly one of the best grilled cheese I have ever eaten. My son and I still reminisce…remember that sandwich?!

It was probably all the love that made it taste so good.

I Wish


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I wish I could just get rid of THIS. And she grabbed the flab at her belly, to emphasize the extra bulk and her dissatisfaction with herself. This woman is tall, amazing, and beautiful. Nearly six feet tall. Slender and active. Pretty eyes and cute pony tail. Mother of two. And yet, she’s so hard on herself. Pointing out flaws, instead of embracing all the good that she is and does.

Why are we so hard on ourselves?

The January covers of health magazines feature “Here’s to a brand new you!” And offer tips how we can change and transform ourselves. How to be healthier, slimmer, better.

But I think what we need to transform first is our self love.

We need to start loving ourselves more.

When the negative self-deprecating thoughts take over, it’s time to reframe. Maybe go for a hike to breathe in some fresh air, admire some big trees and the beauty that is everywhere, and get a fresh perspective on the bigger picture.

Happy New Year!


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Welcome 2015! Here are wise thoughts from my dog, Otis, for the year ahead:

  1. Stop to sniff.
  2. Poop in abundance.
  3. Blaze your own trail.
  4. Take it all in.
  5. Sleep plenty.
  6. If you step in poop, it will wash off.
  7. Love unconditionally.
  8. Enjoy the journey.

Happy New Year!

My Christmas List


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All I want for Christmas is you.



Merry Christmas from my family to yours!

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The Ugly Sweater


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“Mom, that’s a really ugly sweater.”

And then.

“But you look so cute in it.”

Hmmmm. I didn’t realize my sweater was so ugly.

And then.

I must be awfully cute.



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When I was a child, there was always a giant bowl of walnuts at Christmas–with nut crackers and picks–ready for enjoyment. Getting a snack in those days required hand strength, agility, and patience.

On Christmas morning, my stocking would be filled to the brim with walnuts, an orange, and a candy cane. I wrote about my Great Depression-like treats here.

On a totally unrelated note, I went to The Nutcracker last weekend, one of the highlights of the holiday season. The music! The dancing! The costumes! The…um…men in tights!

We could not help but stare and giggle. And this year, it looked like Channing Tatum was one of the dancers. So yeah, total highlight.

Maybe these two memories are related after all…Christmas stockings, packed with nuts. :-)

Heart of Darkness


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Half the town lost power the other night. So, we lived in darkness, like pioneers:

First, we lit the hand-dipped beeswax candles. Then, we milked our cow and churned butter for our dinner. We made lye soap out of wood ash and lard. Then, we stitched a quilt and sang songs by candlelight.

When the power flickered back on exactly two hours later, we went back to our electricity, Netflix, Instagram, iPads, and microwave…licking the freshly made butter from the corners of our mouths.

Pippi Droopystocking


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It was time to wear the little big black dress. And tights.

My husband’s holiday work party was here and I needed to make a good impression.

Except my tights were anything but. I had quickly grabbed a pair and of course it was the one with the missing elastic waistband. Loose tights. What an oxymoron.

A delightful impression I made. Every four minutes, I had to grab the slipping waistband and hoist them back into place. Trying to do at strategic intervals–at the bar, then at the buffet, then at the dessert table (thrice)–so as not to draw attention.

The wardrobe malfunction got a little tiresome, so I let the tights slip down near my knees and sorta waddled around.

My droopystockings did not make a good impression that night, but thank goodness my winning personality did! Wink!



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Last week I stopped by the library to pick up some festive books. Books about how the mouse saved Christmas, three French hens, snowmen coming to life, and gingerbread cookies running from an old couple.

I couldn’t help but feel wistful when I saw mothers with their toddlers on their hips, sippy cups in one hand, piles of picture books under the other arm, leaving story time with their little ones in tow.

We have ended our library-story-time-days years ago.

My library visit was brief, as I had no little ones in tow. I quickly checked out, and grabbed a few fliers about some upcoming activities, including a professor who was planning a talk on meteorites.

I was excited to show my two youngest children the book treasures. Their reactions were lackluster.


My children have outgrown these stories. My youngest, who is nine, is reading the Harry Potter books now. But he let me read him the book about the three French hens. Just to be nice.

He was much more excited to attend the professor’s lecture at the library on meteors, meteorites, and craters. So, we did! It was fascinating!

Then it hit me. Like a meteorite.

Life. Children. It’s not what it isn’t. It’s about what it is.

It isn’t library story time and sippy cups and picture books anymore. It’s space and Harry Potter. Or, it’s Far Cry 4 and wrestling. Tomorrow or next week or next year, it will be something different. My children are learning and growing and changing. I want to enjoy the present moments and to accept and support my children’s changes–at every stage.

Sometimes it takes getting hit on the head with a meteorite…

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