The Gift


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Once upon a time, there was a girl who loved to swim.

One fine afternoon, she adjusted her goggles and dove deep into the ocean. She swam deeper and deeper and deeper, until she reached the bottom.

When she swam back to the surface, she opened her fist to reveal a gift. A heart-shaped rock. Which she proudly and lovingly presented to her mother.


























You’re a Rockstar!


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“Holy cow! You’re a rockstar!” praised the imaging technician when I completed my mammogram.

I nearly high-fived her with so much excitement and all! I guess I’m pretty good at having my breasts flattened like Flat Stanley. Go me! Go team!

Go you. Go get your mammogram scheduled. You can handle it. Read here about what a mammogram entails. The American Cancer Society recommends annual mammograms for women who are 40 and older. If you’re in your 20s and older, monthly breast self examinations and an annual clinical breast exams are recommended.

So, whatever you call them…

Breasts, boobs, boobies, tatas, girls, bosoms, titties, jugs, melons, hooters, tits, knockers, twins, blossoms…

Get ‘em checked. Go be a rockstar.

If You Give A Child A Paintbrush


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If you give a child a paintbrush…

I had the pleasure of teaching an art lesson to a fourth grade class. The topic that day was: Impressionism. We learned about Claude Monet and his famous Water Lilies series.

Everyone is an artist! I beamed.

All you need is a paintbrush, five acrylic paints, a blank canvas (paper), an open mind, and a YouTube video.

What transpired that day? Creativity. Magic. Pride.

With paintbrushes in hand, the children made little brush strokes. Just like Monet. First the water, then the trees, then the lily pads, then the water lilies. The classroom was magically transformed into an art studio. The children were buzzing with ooohs and ahhhs, amazed at their creations.

There is no right or wrong way! You’re the artist! I encouraged.

In the end, each painting was different. Each one unique. Each was a masterpiece.

I, too, was bursting with pride. As the children cleaned up and lined up for lunch, I lingered over each painting to soak them all in.



Growing Like A Fir


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Children. They grow fast. “You’re growing like a weed.” Remember when your grandmother used to say that to you?

Except. Weeds stop growing after awhile. We should change the saying to “You’re growing like a fir.”

Experts at Cal Poly estimate that a Douglas fir grows up to 24 inches a year. And a mature Douglas fir can reach 200 or 300 feet in the wild.

Don’t we want our children to be fir-like? Strong. Grounded. Beautiful. Healthy. Thriving.

…and home to grouse, nuthatches, warblers, squirrels, and chipmunks. ;-)

Here’s a picture of my son. So tall that he doesn’t fit in the picture. I guess you’d say he’s growing like a fir.

My. Son. Is. Driving.


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Sweet Sixteen.


My oldest son has been itching to drive. When he got his driver’s permit last year, it was countdown time for him. Countdown to freedom, power, independence.

It was also countdown time for me. Countdown to the yikes-my-son-will-be-alone-behind-the wheel-of-a-powerful-fast-vehicle-capable-of-going-80 m.p.h.-with-a-slight-push-of-a-pedal. What if?

So hard to let go.

He had a lot of practice over the past year. I admit, I was a total backseat driver. Slow down! Get ready to turn! Change lanes! Did you check your mirror?! Your exit is coming up! You’ve got to make a complete stop at a stop sign! Watch your speed! 

And stuff like that.

When he drove, our reactions were pretty much:

Am I ever going to stop worrying?

And then. I remembered when I was 15 going on 16. All I wanted to do was drive. I was an excellent driver!

Actually, not so much…

  1. My driver’s education teacher said I had a lead foot.
  2. I took my driver’s test twice, because I flunked it the first time.
  3. My father taught me how to drive a manual in a Ford truck. While still a clutch novice, it was chug, chug, chugging across intersections.
  4. The weekend after I (finally) earned my driver’s license, I got a ticket for running a red light. My mother let me borrow her Fiat convertible for the evening–oh, so cool, with the top down and friends in the car. Yellow light, red light, then police lights. Busted.
  5. So yeah, traffic school at the age of 16. Eight hours on a Saturday.
  6. Once, I was driving along the coastline, on a curvy highway. I pulled over so we could check out the view, but didn’t estimate the short stopping distance. Slamming on the breaks, we were inches from the cliff’s edge.
  7. Once, I totaled that sporty Fiat. On the freeway, traffic stopped suddenly and I rear-ended the car in front of us. Our car was not salvageable. Fortunately, we walked away with only minor concussions.

So, yeah, Am I ever going to stop worrying? Given my driving history and bumps along the way, probably not. There will always be new things to worry about.

I talked to both of my parents about when I started driving.

Was my mother worried? YES. We had a good talk about my driving shenanigans. It’s all funny now. Remember when?! But she told me that she had to let go and trust that everything would be OK.

Did my father remember teaching me how to drive a stick? Of course. Was he worried? Not really, he said, because it’s part of growing up. But he did suggest that I might say a prayer when my son gets behind the wheel. :-)

Talking to my parents really put things into perspective. I have come full circle.

It’s OK to worry. But as a parent, I also need to encourage and support. And let go. And maybe say a prayer (or three hundred).

My son turned 16 and is now driving daily. With each day, he has more confidence. And you know what? With each day, I have more confidence in him. And in myself. For learning to trust and let go.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Something Borrowed, Something Purple


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My 10-year-old son completed a massive, it-takes-a-village-presentation on Bill Gates. He read a biography on him, wrote a book report, and prepared a poster board filled with images and facts and drawings.

It was a six-week project. And let me tell you, it was a doozy.

A little graphics assistance from Dad. A little editing assistance from Mom. A purple plaid shirt borrowed from Sister. And the only tie in the house?

A black satin mafia tie borrowed from Brother.

When my son presented to his classmates and to the parents at Open House, he was full of facts, full of enthusiasm, full of confidence. He nailed it! All by himself.

The Spider Rescuer


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If it crawls on the walls or ceilings, hides in the corner, or has made a web at the windowsill, she rescues it.

If it has thick black legs, or long thin legs, or six or eight legs, she rescues it.

If it has wings, a thorax, antennae, or exoskeleton, she rescues it.

Whatever the type of insect or spider, upon discovering it in the house, she promptly gets a glass and gently scoops it up. She places a piece of paper at the top, and scurries outside to release the beast in the wild. Where it was meant to be.

The other day, when she was wiping down the kitchen counter with a washcloth, she accidentally killed a few ants. By her reaction, you would have thought our dog died.

That’s our girl! The compassionate, spider rescuer. (She takes after her father.) :-)

The Carpet of Many Colors


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My mother and I once traveled to Antigua, Guatemala to take in all of the ceremony, spiritualness, history, and beauty of Easter Holy Week, or Semana Santa.

For me, that trip was life changing.

We witnessed the making of alfombras, “carpets” made from tiny flower petals placed in the streets. These ornate, detailed carpets were found throughout the streets of this historical town, readied for throngs of processions of the devout. Hundreds of purple-robed men would carry a statue of Jesus on the cross, high above their heads, with marching bands playing mournful music. More information about Semana Santa in Guatemela can be found here.

That was the most colorful and powerful Easter I have ever spent. Although we took this trip 25 years ago, the memories are still as vibrant as the amazing alfombras.

Today, I reflect on that holy trip and how I am so thankful for my mother and her continuous support, love, and teachings.

Happy Easter.

alfombraPhoto by Marina K. Villatoro.



You Sank My Battleship


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Friday night.

Date night.

Get a babysitter!

Let’s go out!



It was Battleship.

With my nine-year-old son.


Spring is Here


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Spring is here!

Time for trees to wake up. Time for flowers to bloom. Time for rainbows.

And time to shave those winter legs. :-)

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