Turn Around…Let Me See Your Butt


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Clothes shopping. Back-to-school shopping.

When my children try on jeans, I always tug the waist to see if there’s room. Even if they are sixteen years old. I check the length to make sure they are long enough. Then.

Turn around. Let me see your butt. 

If the jeans pass the waist-length-butt test, they win!

Then, it’s try-on-shoes time. Too short? Too long? Just right?

Run down the aisle! Jump! Are they comfortable? Do you like them?

My three are now ready to begin the school year with happy butts and feet.



Demolition Derby


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I just love a good, old-fashioned Demolition Derby. Where people come to crash cars…the last one running wins.

I love the smashing of metal. The demolition. The destruction.

It’s that time of year–county fair time–when people come to watch and cheer on the wreckage. I am always one of the loudest fans.

Except. When it comes to demolishing beautiful red barns, I am heartbroken.

There’s a place along my run where I often stop to take in the view. Of the barn, the trees, and the clouds in the distance. So peaceful and perfectly bucolic.

But one day, the bulldozers came in to clear the land and demolish that lovely barn. Where the horses once frolicked. Where the hay was piled up to the rafters. Where the runner and her dog would pause to take in the scenery.

After two days of smashing and destruction, nary a barn board or tree was left. Only memories.


The Lie


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My 10-year-old son loves cars. He researches them. Studies and cites car facts. Spots supercars whenever he can. Watches Top Gear religiously.

One day he spotted a Ferrari F12 Berlinetta! It made his day!

Another day, we came upon Go-Karts. He was thrilled!

Must be 12 and up to ride. Said the sign.

He was devastated.

I went up to the counter to buy tickets for my daughter and my son. Is he 12? Asked the guy behind the counter.

Um, almost. I answered enthusiastically.

Today, he is 12. Said the guy angel behind the counter.

Yes! Today he is 12! I echoed.

My son had the biggest grin as they handed him the golden coin to ride. It was even better than the golden ticket Charlie Bucket found.

My son raced with such glee and confidence, I think we should lie more often.



Who Cut the Cheese?


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We love cheese. Cheese of all colors and shapes and flavors.

We were in the deli section at Whole Foods and my ten-year-old son wanted to buy a wedge of cheese. It was brie. Not just any brie. Imported and extra ripe brie. It was $7.

Please can we buy it? I’ll pay you back.

How can you say no to a boy wanting to try new things? Especially cheese that’s not cheddar or jack?

When we got home, we couldn’t wait to undo the cellophane and partake. One little peek and whoa! The smell. The stink. The stench. It permeated instantly throughout the kitchen. You could see the stink as it rose from the innocent, triangular wedge.

Did we dare indulge? We had to.

That afternoon, we indeed ate the stinkiest cheese in all the land. Totally worth the $7 for bragging rights.




Pizza Friends


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I make friends wherever I go. My newest friend is Amanda. She works at Costco. And she loves pizza.

I was buying two slices of cheese pizza. One for me, one for my son.

I could totally eat both, I said.

Yeah. I love pizza, she said. I could totally eat four slices.

Me too. Actually, I could eat a whole pizza.

Me too. I’ve done it before.

Same here.

And then we smiled because. We’re pizza friends.

New Fun


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I love photos taken with the same people, same poses, same locations. But years apart. I like to see what has stayed the same and what has changed.

Every summer, we go camping at the same location, with the same people. I had in mind some photo poses I wanted to “recreate.” Guess I was trying to recreate those sweet little moments from the past.

C’mon kids! Sit on the log and hold a stick. Just like you did seven years ago! 

So they did. And I got the shot.

Then, I was like, C’mon kids! Let’s go to the dock and take a stair-step picture!

Eye rolls. My daughter was like, Mom. We don’t need to take the same old pictures. Oh my goodness, she was right: Time to have new fun.

So, off we swam in the lake with inner tubes and Otis. Making new memories and having new fun. And capturing a few new photos.

4 Things I Learned From My Dog


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Otis reminds me about four important life lessons:

  1. L-I-V-I-N.
  2. Be yourself.
  3. Break rules. Otis had a bath. Then decided to roll in the dirt. Because…fun!
  4. Persevere. Otis has been chasing rabbits nightly. After three years, he finally caught one! And presented it to us with a missing head.






The Journey


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I try to get a run in whenever I have the chance. Always with my essentials:

  1. Otis.
  2. Two poop bags.
  3. Trusty New Balance shoes.
  4. A sturdy bra.
  5. A ball cap.
  6. A camera.

A camera?? I often stop along the run to take pictures of flowers (while Otis sniffs). For me, running is not only exercise and de-stressing. It’s me time, Otis-and-me time, time to enjoy the journey.

Maybe the flowers’ bright and smiling faces serve as encouragement along the way?

The Carousel


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I used to devour cotton candy, corn dogs, Cheetos, and root beer!

Now that stuff makes me sick.

I used to love roller coasters, spinning rides, and hanging upside down!

Now those make me nauseated.

I used to adore trampolines!

Now they make me pee.

But I can still ride the carousel! We rode the carousel to celebrate the first day of summer vacation. We must have ridden a dozen times in a row. Wheee! A hand-carved beauty of a carousel, dating back to 1911. I rode the horse, then the dog, then the cat, then the other horse, then the pig, then the frog. On the magical carousel, I was young again!


All the (mild) spinning combined with the heat of the afternoon was enough to make me dizzy. Ugh. Nix carousel riding.

Thank goodness for sky-high, soft serve ice cream cones to the rescue. That, I can handle!


A Horse Penis and a Vegetable Garden


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I get asked all kinds of questions around here.

It sure keeps things fun and surprising.

One of my sons asked me, “Would you rather get slapped in the face with a horse penis or jump in a swimming pool full of pee?”


Good question! But it didn’t really surprise me.

Then the other day, my other son asked me, “Do you want to plant a vegetable garden with me?”

How sweet is that?!

Now, this question totally surprised me. I mean, he’s a teenager and I’m sorta not cool.

How could I pass up this opportunity to spend quality time together? Planting a garden, no less. Nurturing and watching seeds grow–the perfect metaphor for life.

The answer is: I could not.

We immediately Googled what to plant in July. Lettuce, spinach, carrots, and radishes appeared to be fine crops for planting this late in the season. We were off to buy seeds. No time to spare!

Together, we tilled the soil, planted the seeds (some were the size of a pencil tip), tucked them in, and watered. We take turns watering and are looking forward to seeing the baby shoots peek out. We talk daily about “our” garden. Stay tuned for our bountiful harvest…in late November!

Oh and as for the other question? Slapped in the face by a horse penis.

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