Who Says Money Can’t Buy Happiness?


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A visit to the fabric store, with my daughter, brought sheer joy. With its reams of colorful fabric, buttons, fleece, stuffing, patterns.

Imagine the possibilities! Summer brings more time. Time to thread the sewing machine and pursue some projects. Time to be creative.

So Sew many ideas! And projects! My daughter’s head was spinning: tails, pillows, clothes, stuffed creatures.

A yard of this. A yard of that. A pound of buttons in every size, shape, and color. Elastic for enough jammy pants to clothe the Brady Bunch.

Eighty-five dollars later and we walked out with two giant bags of happiness.

My Uncle Was Willy Wonka


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Once I was Charlie from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. And my uncle was Willy Wonka. Kinda.

My uncle drove a candy delivery truck and one day, he invited me along on his route. Riding shotgun in a candy truck! I had scored the golden ticket!

From dawn until dusk, the sweet smells of chocolate, bubble gum, licorice, gumdrops, nougat, caramel, and nuts filled the air. And my tummy.

We drove through country roads and stopped at general stores, gas stations, markets, and coffee shops to stock them with gum, candy, and chips. Everyone greeted my uncle with a smile. Because he was so friendly. And. How. Can. You. Resist. The. Candy. Man. And his sidekick.

Eating. Laughing. Exploring. Then, oh-so-sick at the end of the day.

It was one of the sweetest days of my childhood. :-)


Love Hard


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In the wake of so many tragedies, from drownings to school shootings to airline crashes, I am reminded to love hard. Because sometimes, love is all we have.

The forecast was 100 degrees. My fifteen-year-old son made plans with friends to go to the river. I hesitated. The river worried me. What about the dangerous current? There are always several fatal drownings every Summer around here. In local swimming holes, lakes, rivers, and the ocean.

That morning, my husband expressed his concern about our son going to the river. A premonition maybe?

I let him go. Promised me you won’t go in too deep. Promise me you won’t dive off rocks or bridges. Promise me you’ll be safe.

Mom, I’ll be fine.

I worried about him all day. Late that afternoon, when I stopped to get groceries, I overheard the check-out clerk and a customer talking about the two drownings that day. Did you hear? Yeah, I know, horrible tragedy.

I broke into a sweat. And dropped the carton of blueberries. They rolled in every direction. Two drownings?? No! It couldn’t be!

With hands shaking, I texted my son. No answer. Panic. I tried calling. No answer. More panic. I Googled.

Turns out, the drownings occurred at different rivers. Different people. Not my son. But. The two that died were someone’s sons. Those families got devastating news that day.

I finally got a hold of my son’s friend’s mother. She reassured that the boys were fine and made it back from the river safely.

As a parent, I can’t always protect my children. But I can love them hard. So hard in fact, that when I finally picked up my son, I may have hugged him so tight that I cracked his rib.



That Dog Sure Can Jump


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Some dogs jump for frisbees. Some jump for tennis balls. Some jump for sticks.

Not my dog.

No. Otis jumps for fabric softener dryer sheets.

He likes to roll on them and smell all perfumey. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that they are called Bounce.

Age Spots?


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A dermatology appointment. Because. I thought I had skin cancer.

The doctor took a quick look at a little bump on my forehead. Um. That is an age spot, he said.

What a relief. Not skin cancer. Just old.

Um. Old? Um. Not me. I’m effervescent! My friend told me so. Effervescent means vivacious and enthusiastic.

I’m more like Benjamin Button. Getting younger by the day, not older. Silly doctor.

Let it Go


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“Let it go.” For someone who likes to be in control, letting go is not always that easy. But impulsively going to the lake with the kids on a hot Summer day was easier than I thought.

But I have to work. Work will be there in two hours. Let it go.

But I don’t have time to pack a picnic. Go to Subway. Let it go.

But I didn’t bring my swimsuit. No one will care if you swim in your shorts and tank top. Let it go.

But the lake is greenish and kinda slimy and chilly. It’s nearly 100 degrees. Let it go.

I let it all go. And jumped into that greenish, kinda slimy, and chilly lake. Fully dressed. With my belly full of Subway. Guess what? It was the best, freeing, unplanned afternoon of the Summer! (So far…)



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Which Scooby Doo character are you?

Yeah, I took the quiz because I love Scooby Doo and watched it religiously as a child. I totally thought I’d be Velma. You know, the know-it-all with the horrible sweater and annoying voice?

I kinda wanted to be Daphne. She’s so pretty! Or Scooby. Because everyone loves him. He’s so lovable and friendly.

But, zoinks!

Turns out I’m Fred.

According to the quiz, Fred is the solution guy. Quietly confident and reassuring.

And oh, so dashing. I must purchase more cravats.

Which Scooby Doo character are you?



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I was about twelve years old. We had climbed up to my friend’s rooftop. You could get there by climbing up the her back steps, balancing on the railing, and then hoisting your body up and over the roofline. Until you stood high on the flat roof, covered in tiny gravel.

We were next-door neighbors. A narrow path separated our houses. My house was a one story; her house was a two-story.

“Jump across!” she urged.

Hmmm. I could try. I could do a running jump, from one rooftop to the other. It was about 12 feet across.

What was the worst thing that could happen?

Terror and nervous sweat washed over me. Peer pressure. That was also the first time I tried a cigarette.

Inhale. Cough, cough. Yeah, not my thing.

“Go on, jump across!” she dared me.

Turns out, I didn’t jump that day. Yeah, not my thing.

Saving for College Sucks Ass


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Penny for your thoughts? How about a dollar for your swear words?

Recently we kicked off a new family plan. If you swear, you put a dollar in the jar. By the end of Summer, I’m gonna be freaking rich!

This isn’t going to be easy. I, admittedly, swear like a sailor. The anchor doesn’t fall far from the boat.

The swear jar prompts my two youngest kids to ask, “What if I say ass instead of donkey? Does that count?”

Sigh. As if donkeys are a hot topic.

So one day after the new plan was in effect, my youngest son was taking out the garbage and mutters under his breath, “Taking out the garbage sucks ass.”

His sister quickly blurts out, “He just said ass! He needs to pay a dollar!”

He sharply turned to her and said, “Stop telling on me. I’m trying to save up for college.”

How can you resist those education goals? And maybe the swear jar is the perfect college-savings plan after all? :-)





The Quilt


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I love quilts. I love the history, craftsmanship, and artistry of the American quilt.

I have a historic American quilt, made with fine craftsmanship and artistry. My grandmother made it when I was a girl.

She sewed it by hand. I remember sitting at her feet, playing with my dolls.

Her sewing skills were impeccable. Her seams were perfect and tight. If the thread line was off, she would rip out the seam and start over. The finest of craftsmanship.

The colors and patterns in the quilt were bright mixed with pastels mixed with patterns mixed with florals. I remember the fabric being leftover from actual dresses she had sewn and worn.

In the end, the colors and patterns formed a masterpiece of art.

It took hours, days, and weeks to sew that quilt. Then, it was tucked away for safe keeping.

Many years later, at my wedding, that quilt was gifted to me. Gifted with so much love.

For a long time, I proudly hung that quilt on my wall, to admire. Then, I realized it would be more loved if I used it for snuggling and comforting. So now, every time I wrap myself under it, I am reminded of my grandmother and how she loved me so much.


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