These Boots Are Made for Walkin’


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A pair of boots. A pair of magic boots.

It was a girls’ weekend. My mother, me, and my daughter. She was turning one. So of course we went shopping. Shoe shopping.

I was trying on boots. My mother offered to buy me a pair. Actually two pairs. Winning!

My daughter stood up, held onto the chair, and then took a few steps. Then a few more steps. She was walking across the room! She learned to walk. In the shoe department at Nordstrom. It was like the perfect ad.

What a weekend filled with milestones, memories, and magic.

Eleven years later, I still have those boots. And now my daughter wears them. Those same, magic boots.


Is Your Refrigerator Running?


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Is your refrigerator running?

We boldly would ask with a straight face, suppressing giggles. When we were kids, we’d dare each other to crank call strangers. We’d randomly pick phone numbers from the phone book.

The stranger would usually answer yes.

Then, you’d better go out and catch it!

Slam down the phone! Giggle! Snort!

Two weeks ago, my refrigerator stopped running. So, we bought a new one, pronto! Because, Thanksgiving!

Thankful, indeed. I am thankful that I can afford to buy a new refrigerator and that I can stock it with yummy things (sometimes gaggy) to eat, to nourish my family. And that we can buy extra to give to those less fortunate.

Strangers Families in our town. With food drives at my children’s schools in full force, the kids lug in bags of non-perishable food items. Last year, enough food was donated to feed 200 families for a year. Maybe this year, collectively, we can help 250 families. Whether it’s donating time, giving money, donating food items, or simply smiling at a stranger and spreading good cheer, everyone may feel a little happier, more connected, and thankful.

My new refrigerator–now stocked with a turkey, Thanksgiving fixings, and ingredients for pies–is a symbol of so many things I am thankful for:

Children. Love. Health. Connections. Happiness. Nourishment. Family.

Maybe at the dinner table, I’ll be asked: Mom, what’s a crank call? What’s a phone book? :-)

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!



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I was on a mission to photograph some birds. I was in prime territory: a nature preserve and home of migrating winter birds. The timing was perfect, a fall day with a little sun, a little rain. It was just me and my camera and my parka. Oops, no parka.

Shielding my camera lens from the rain, under my t-shirt, I journeyed and meandered with my eyes peeled.

Beautiful ponds! Beautiful clouds! Beautiful nature all around!

I was looking for birds, yet I found everything but. Sometimes you find things when you’re not looking for them…ah, yes, another life metaphor…

Where were the birds? I looked high. I looked low. I looked near. I looked far. This was beginning to seem like a Dr.-Seuss-Meets-Where’s-Waldo book. WTF? Where’re the fowl? :-)

Then I stumbled upon this sign. Well, whaddya know? It was September 30. I was one day early. Ah, that must be it. The birds had a schedule and they were sticking to it.

As I was heading to the car, I suddenly heard geese in the distance. I looked up and there they were: migrating Canadian Geese!

Their timing was perfect. Arriving one day ahead of schedule (according to the sign), and five minutes before I was about to leave.




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I live in a smallish town where everybody knows my name. Or at least the pharmacist does. And I usually run into someone I know wherever I go. This is why I can no longer show up to the pharmacy or the grocery store looking like a hag.

Oh and now that I have a teenager, this is especially true. Apparently, there’s a dress code for me. Mom, you can’t go out looking like that.

When I lived in a bigger town, I could leave my house in gray sweat pants (like Rocky), hair in a ponytail, no make-up. No problem.

You mean, I can’t wear sweat pants to Costco?

There’s no time for Hagville when you live in Smalltownville. And there’s certainly no time for Hagville when photos are shared instantly.

Gotta go run some errands. But first, let me take a selfie.


Orange is the New Black


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I admit. I hesitated to watch Orange is the New Black. Too broken. Too harsh. Too prison. Too real.

Except, I found myself binge watching through all of the episodes. And loving it. I have fallen in love with the characters: Suzanne, Chapman, Red, Taystee, Dayanara, Morello. I even liked the ones I wanted to hate: Vee, Pornstashe, Pennsatucky.

Each character struggles, needs direction, is overwhelmed, is discarded, is lost. Some have passion, some have sadness, some have abandonment, some are lonely, some want to be in control, some need power, some need direction. They are learning who they are and some are finding their way. Some are looking for friendship and love, someone who can listen and understand.

They may have made bad choices, had bad timing, or did something they regretted.

They are flawed.

Aren’t we all?

The intro to the show is my favorite. Pimples, wrinkles, crinkles, bad teeth, bushy eyebrows, over tweezed eyebrows, blemishes. These are real women.

We are so different.

Or are we kinda the same?

Watching Orange is the New Black opened my mind and heart–to have a little more understanding and empathy–with broken pieces.

It got me thinking. Our lives are made up of separate pieces that are glued together. Some pieces are forever a little broken. Some people have more broken pieces than others. Some of the broken may never get glued.

But some people are able to turn their broken pieces into a whole. And they make it beautiful.



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“Mom, are these your square dancing shoes?” my nine-year-old asked when I was wearing my black, comfortable shoes.

Why yes. Yes they are.

And I proceeded to link my arm in his and we twirled across the kitchen floor.

I did not grow up churning butter. I did not make my dresses out of sacks of flour. I did not listen to square dancing music.

Wait. Yes I did.

And I learned some basic square dance steps. In high school.


In P.E., we were taught how to Do-Si-Do, how to swing your partner to and fro, and how to do some good, old fashioned cardio. Some may have eye rolled and sighed. Some I enjoyed it. Maybe my partner was a super cute boy. Maybe.

I asked my teenaged son if he ever did square dancing in P.E.

He looked at me as if I were wearing a sack of flour.

Take a Shot


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What do soccer and a Christmas cactus have to do about life?

I coached my daughter’s soccer team when she was five years old. I knew a thing or two about soccer. We passed, we dribbled, we took shots, we scored goals.

One of the parents gifted me a flowering plant, a Christmas cactus, as a thank you present. It was in full bloom.

The next year, my daughter joined another soccer team. Her soccer skills bloomed. And so did my plant. Every year around November, my plant blooms magical fuchsia flowers and brightens the window sill with its beauty.

The plant is now in its seventh year of blooming. My daughter is in her twelfth year of blooming.

Though I stopped coaching her on the soccer field, I still coach off the field. I know a thing or two about life:

  • If you don’t take a shot, you will never score.
  • Try your hardest.
  • Take chances.
  • Teamwork is important.
  • Take time to celebrate.

Do all of of the above or you may stop blooming.



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Is it time to trick-or-treat? Not yet.






Threads and Strings


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When you buy your child his Halloween costume three weeks early, chances are he will wear it everyday. And everywhere.

In the car, while shopping, to pick up his sister at soccer practice, around the house, even as jammies.

And when Halloween actually comes, his Spiderman costume may be missing some velcro, or the seams may have torn, or the mask may be missing.

But that’s OK, because his costume made him happy the entire month of October.

Happy Halloween!

The Tuna Thief


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Once upon a time, there was a girl who made the tastiest tuna fish sandwiches in all the land. She used only the finest cans of tuna, mayonnaise, and relish.

She would make the batch of tuna the night before, cut her sandwiches diagonally, and tuck them into paper bags. She stored her lunches with care in her locker at school.

The aromas wafted through the locker vents, down the halls, into the nostrils of. The tuna thief.

When she went to her locker, she discovered her lunch had vanished. This happened for 5 days straight.

Who was eating her entire lunch? The tuna sandwich, the yogurt, the apple, the granola bar. Her belly rumbled.

The girl discovered the thief. She caught a fellow student opening her locker and taking her lunch. Just like that. So the next day, she filled the lunch bag with trash. He took the bait.

And that was that. The tuna thief was nevermore. The girl lived happily ever after, with a full belly and tuna breath.

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